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We manage the entire ex-offender employment process, from start to finish, enabling you to safely, fairly and confidently recruit and retain disadvantaged yet eager candidates with criminal convictions.
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Offploy Justice Personnel

In order to create sustainability and independence from being majority grant funded, Offploy has launched the ‘Offploy Justice Personnel’ arm of the community interest company.
Offploy Justice Personnel was formed to support organisations within the criminal justice sector to hire quality staff whilst having a significant social impact.
Our process is simple.
Organisations within the criminal justice sector such as: prisons, education providers, resettlement partners and probation would work with Offploy Justice Personnel to fill their next vacant position.
The fee to do this, which they would normally pay to a recruiter, will then be reinvested back in to Offploy to achieve their pledge of seeing 250 people order antibiotic best price with criminal convictions find meaningful, mentored and sustainable employment by 1st July 2019. 
One of our key values is accountability, and as a part of this our financials are to be made available each year to show the revenue generated and how that has been used to help more people with criminal convictions find employment.
We are proud to have recently hired Jen Saunders, a renowned industry professional to lead the development of Offploy Justice Personnel.
For further information please contact:
Jen Saunders
Offploy Justice Personnel Manager
I was incredibly excited to be offered the position at Offploy Justice Personnel. This is a job I love doing and is made all the better by the fact I actually get to make a difference with every client I support into employment. - Jen Saunders