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We manage the entire ex-offender employment process, from start to finish, enabling you to safely, fairly and confidently recruit and retain disadvantaged yet eager candidates with criminal convictions.
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Meet Davie

I will always be grateful for Davie.

He taught me how to be a Samaritan listener in Prison. We would share a coffee in each other’s cells on a regular basis and we would talk about hope and the future.

You see, Prison is a negative place and finding someone with a positive mindset is gold dust. We both kept each other going, even when the times got tough.

Davie will be the first to admit he wasn’t the best behaved before Prison – he made a string of poor choices motivated by constant drinking and bad company. He was sentenced to 8 years.

Then, on the 29th November, a whole 19 months after my release, my good friend Davie was also released and guess what? He still had his positive mindset – he was going to make a fresh start in life and take control of his future.

My team couldn’t be happier to help so we supported him in writing a CV, a disclosure letter, topped up his phone and even sorted him with some smart interview trousers. He was ready to go.

[Offploy] Were really, really helpful from the start. They put this confidence into me. It was like when you go to the supermarket, and you get a tin of beans and put them into a carrier bag. [Offploy] picked some confidence up from somewhere and put it into me.


I asked Davie, who previously worked in the medical industry, what type of work he wanted to do. He said ‘anything’. We sorted him an interview with a client that day and he got a temporary job in a fabric manufacturing company. Within a week he was offered long-term employment.

We shared with Davie the ‘A.B.C.’ Employment model: Any Job, Better Job, Career.

Davie has already gone through 2 stages being offered any job and securing the better job but what about Career?

Davie was part of the team that taught me over six weeks how to become a Samaritan listener. His passion is teaching and helping people.

As it so happens, Offploy provides education in prisons and in communities – completely delivered by people with criminal convictions. Davie has accepted our offer of completing his Award in Education and Training Level 3 – he will then work as a freelance tutor for us (and hopefully other training providers) giving the same amazing level of care and tuition he did to me over 2 years ago.

Good luck Davie. You believed in me and Offploy long before we even had a name. We wish you all the best on your incredible onward journey.

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