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We manage the entire ex-offender employment process, from start to finish, enabling you to safely, fairly and confidently recruit and retain disadvantaged yet eager candidates with criminal convictions.
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There has to be a ‘business case’ for any commercial decision.

So what’s in it for you?


Latest figures show 760,000 job vacancies remain unfilled in the UK. As the country’s exit from Europe unfolds, that statistic will inevitably rise. Tackle your skills shortages, and any recruitment difficulties, by broadening your search.


Many ex-offenders possess a significant amount of talent, but organisations’ reluctance to hire means it remains untapped. Two years after their release from prison, only a third succeed in finding formal employment. It’s a figure we’re working hard to change – help us!


Labour turnover is one of the most costly HR problems for UK businesses, but studies show 70% of ex-offenders remain with their employer one year after being recruited. This no prescription online pharmacy loyalty doesn’t just benefit the individuals concerned – it will boost your bottom line!


Re-offending poses a huge problem to the UK economy, costing anywhere up to £13bn per year. But 68% of prisoners state ‘having a job’ plays a crucial role in stopping this. Help break this cycle!


There’s more to running a successful business than purely commercial gain, especially in an era of evermore discerning customers. Increase the life chances of those from disadvantaged backgrounds and strengthen your CSR status.


With the vast majority of job opportunities, ex-offenders are unfairly discriminated against because they have a criminal record. Ensure your recruitment strategy provides equal opportunities for all potentially suitable candidates, and hire safely, and fairly, with our help.